The troupe CIRCUS238 comes to life in 2006 from the union of two artists:

Nicoletta Carpentieri and Alberto Longo; after several years of professional studies abroad they decide to get together and try to live of their passion: circus and buskers’ life.

Nicoletta begins her artistic career in the circus schools of arts ”Carampa” of Madrid (2003 – 2004), continues in the “Rogelio Rivel” in Barcelona (2004 – 2005), where she specialises in the hand-stand technique and later in the “Theatre Cirqule” in Geneve in Switzerland (2005 – 2006) where she continues her training in the hand-stand technique and moreover starts a personal path of studies. Alberto starts his training with a hand-in-hand stage (acrobatic with a partner) in the circus school of arts “Rogelio River” (2004 – 2005) and later in the “Theatre Cirqule” (2005 – 2006).

It’s at this point in their life that the two artists get together and decide to continue their training as a  hand-in-hand couple at the circus school of art “Zofy” in Sion (2006 – 2007; 2007 – 2008) and to work together at their new project “the Troupe Circus 238” which aims to combine the techniques circus, theater, dance and music, but above all to find their own style, inspired by the simplicity and clarity of the silent cinema, the poetry of old wooden carriages, to the astonishment of the technical skill of the traditional circus and the modern language of music, theater and dance. In 2006 creates the spectacle of the road "Soon .. it's late!", which has been replicated more than 200 times.

In 2007 began working on the project of the circus theater spectacle of "The Gift", in creation residence Espace Catastrophe -Bruxelle-(2008-2009), where they take part in the international stage drama, writing and production with Eric Durnez (March 2009) and create a number of hand-in-hand,whith which they take part in numerous events. In 2010, ending the show “The Gift”, directed by: Adrian Schvarzstein.